A new face for our Association

EuroVR is a European Association with more than 10 years of experience which provides a network for all those interested in all interactive technologies (VR/AR/MR) to meet, discuss, and promote all topics related to XR technologies. Establishing connections with National Associations and Chapters in relevant fields, promoting research excellence as well as support the creation of Special Interest Groups in specific field. As you know, EuroVR’s goal has always been to create an International Network to establish virtuous circles of collaborations among those operating in the interactive technologies area.

Right now we are currently going through an unprecedented crisis, it is necessary to adapt and modernize to keep up with the times, and it is more essential than ever that we join forces to overcome it together. In the wake of these changes, also our Association needs to evolve and adapt to the current trends, for these reasons we thought it is necessary a rebranding of EuroVR. We are very fond of the name that we have used until now and that has accompanied us for many years, but now it is necessary that our brand also reflects what we do and who we are. We don’t want our brand to be limited only to VR technologies (although in the full name we have since the beginning both VR and AR) but we want to communicate that we include all XR, also looking to the future intelligent interactive technologies.

After all, XR is the umbrella category that covers all the various forms of computer-altered reality, including Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Identifying us with the name XR could also be useful in the future, XR can also mean advancements in the field that are expected, but cannot be predicted yet. That is why we are pleased to announce to all of you, that EuroVR will “change its face” becoming EuroXR. The important thing for us is to be correctly recognized in the market maintaining the same values of our Association.

We invite you all to join and continue to build this great network together.

Continue building


Marco Sacco,

EuroVR President



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