President Marco Sacco is a contributor for VRinSight – Green Paper

Focus Europe Magazine – Special Edition: VRinSight Green Paper: Boosting Virtual Reality in Learning

The special edition, just been published,  features a general presentation of the VRinSight project, flashlights on the current state of VR used in different educational settings, keynote articles from experts across Europe on VR and education, and recommendations to policymakers how to improve the situation, and 24 best practice examples of EU projects in VR presented by their coordinators (Erasmus+, Interreg, Horizon 2020, etc.).

In this piece, EuroXR President and head of CNR-STIIMA Lecco Marco Sacco, contributes to investigate the future prospects and challenges that Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies will face.

[…] considering the evolution of national health and welfare systems towards the digitalization of services thus, investing in digital technologies for rehabilitation and continuation of care could represent a first step […]


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VR/AR in Rehabilitation: Future Perspective and Challenges